Monthly Archives: May 2012

Hello Kitty Oreo Pops



I made some super cute Oreo cookie pops for a client. I wasn’t able to take step by step pictures, but here’s how I made them:
I attached sticks to double stuff Oreo cookies by carefully separating the cookies and smushing a lollipop stick into the icing that had been dipped into a little melted white chocolate. I then re-sandwiched the Oreos and set them aside to set up. I used some gum paste to hand mold tiny little Hello Kitty faces.

Once the gum paste had dried a bit I used some edible ink markers to add the kitty details.
I melted down some Bakers brand white chocolate and thinned it a tiny bit with melted vegetable shortening. I used a talk drinking glass to melt the chocolate so that I’d be able to dip the cookie pops into the chocolate completely. I sprinkled colored sanding sugars into the cookies immediately after dipping them in chocolate and then set them on a silicon sheet to harden. I used a tiny dot of icing to secure the kitty faces to the pops and they were ready to go. Have you ever made cookie pops?



False Starts


Hello out there Internet! So it seems that I got off to a bit of a false start with my blogging. In December I got a bad cold and cough, then both my boys got really sick and shared those germs with me too. In short, I coughed and coughed and then I coughed some more. In fact I coughed so hard for so long that I BROKE a rib! I didn’t even know that was possible! I finally stopped coughing sometime in February. I’ve been doing lots of little projects that I’d love to share so I’m back to blogging. Lots of fun stuff to come