Vintage Sewing Box Makeover

Vintage Sewing Box Makeover

I’m an avid thrifter. I absolutely love browsing around in thrift stores full of other people’s discarded junk. A Goodwill Super Store opened near my house a few months ago, and now the employees of the store recognize me. I go there about once a week, I have ideas of things that I would like to find, but usually I don’t have a plan. You would think that the incessant disco music that they always play would be a deterrent, but I find myself doing the hustle or shadow dancing down the aisles anyway. A few weeks ago I came across a vintage sewing box, its made by Max Klein, and it was a horrible mix of plastic faux wood and gold. When I put it on the counter to pay $4.00 for it, the manager said, “what the heck is that thing?! It looks like the Arc of the Covenant!”. I’m thinking that if the arc is out there to be found, its not unlikely that it is buried in a Goodwill Super Store somewhere! Indiana Jones take note.
I do own a different vintage sewing kit that I inherited from my great aunt, its filled with wooden spools and old funky buttons but the clasp is broken. So I decided to give the ‘arc’ a facelift. I’ve never tried the spray paint that is made for plastic so this was a first and I love how it turned out!

The color photographs as more cobalt, but it is navy my favorite color. The arc is way bigger than Aunt Rita’s old box, I think that she would approve, now I just need to learn how to sew!


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  1. I love it! It turned out great! I also have a sewing “basket” that looks very much like yours, and mine was given to me by my aunt as well! I may have to spend some more time in my local thrift stores to see what else i can find! : )

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