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Learning To Sew


In my last post I mentioned that I wanted to learn to sew. Well it seems that someone was listening! My husband and boys bought me a new sewing machine as an early birthday gift. Yippeeee! I was so excited to start whipping up fabulous creations immediately, my new machine is supposed to be great for beginners and it says you can start sewing 30 minutes after you take it out of the box. Ummmmm, yeah……it didin’t work out as I’d planned.
I figured that I would start small. My 12 year old has gone through a growth spurt and the uniform pants he wears to school were drifting into high water territory. How hard could it be to let down the hem in his pants? Three days later and 10 attempts this was the best I could do :
I was crying nightly at my machine and so frustrated that my husband was threatening to return it. I decided that the pants must be cursed and decided to move onto a new project
I have an old kitchen cart in my laundry room that I’ve had forever and it screams “mid 90’s newlywed furniture”.

Not the most attractive piece that I own, but I use the heck out of that thing, it fits perfectly in my laundry room so it’s used for folding clothes constantly. Whenever I have a large group over for a party I wheel it out to use as a beverage or dessert station, I just throw a big table-cloth over it to hide it. So I decided that my first sewing endeavor would be to make a skirt for the cart. I was intimidated to even buy fabric, but I went to Hobby Lobby and picked some out. (Disney World is usually the happiest place on earth, but when I get to go shopping with no kids then Hobby Lobby is my happiest place on earth!) I just winged it and made 4 panels for the skirt, I hemmed them and stitched them together doing a sort of box pleat on each corner. I attached the skirt with some velcro tabs and I think it turned out cute for my first project.  Eventually I’d like to paint the wood trim and do something interesting with the tiles.  I’m also going to make a neutral skirt to attach to this when I use it for parties.
I didn’t stitch the panels together on one corner so that I can still use this for storage. And speaking of storage, look what fits perfectly in one of the cubbies! Serendipitous!

Now at this point you may be wondering about my choice of fabric. What? You don’t decorate with a frat house chic theme? I actually have a weird collection of tacky tourist souvenirs, that are waiting to be hung up in the laundry room so I figured that the route 66 fabric would fit right in. In our previous home my powder room housed my weird collection and left such an impression on family and friends that lots of people have added to my tack stuff over the years. When we moved to this house everyone asked me if I was going to recreate my touristy powder room, but the powder room in this house is way too fancy for that, so I’m thinking that I’ll have fun with it in the laundry room. So the route 66 fabric is the first step, now to dig out my guitar-shaped Elvis ashtray, y’know the one where you put your cig out on his face?


Vintage Sewing Box Makeover

Vintage Sewing Box Makeover

I’m an avid thrifter. I absolutely love browsing around in thrift stores full of other people’s discarded junk. A Goodwill Super Store opened near my house a few months ago, and now the employees of the store recognize me. I go there about once a week, I have ideas of things that I would like to find, but usually I don’t have a plan. You would think that the incessant disco music that they always play would be a deterrent, but I find myself doing the hustle or shadow dancing down the aisles anyway. A few weeks ago I came across a vintage sewing box, its made by Max Klein, and it was a horrible mix of plastic faux wood and gold. When I put it on the counter to pay $4.00 for it, the manager said, “what the heck is that thing?! It looks like the Arc of the Covenant!”. I’m thinking that if the arc is out there to be found, its not unlikely that it is buried in a Goodwill Super Store somewhere! Indiana Jones take note.
I do own a different vintage sewing kit that I inherited from my great aunt, its filled with wooden spools and old funky buttons but the clasp is broken. So I decided to give the ‘arc’ a facelift. I’ve never tried the spray paint that is made for plastic so this was a first and I love how it turned out!

The color photographs as more cobalt, but it is navy my favorite color. The arc is way bigger than Aunt Rita’s old box, I think that she would approve, now I just need to learn how to sew!

Jumping In!


Hello out there Internet!  Hello?  Is this thing on?  This is my very first blog post, yikes!  I’m hoping to use this blog to chat about my adventures in baking and life in general.  I’m a professional pastry chef, culinary degree and everything, but I gave up slinging flour when my first child was born 12 years ago.  Now I do all my baking at home for my family and a few clients. Before i hung up my chef apron my last job was as a culinary instructor, I loved teaching!  I miss teaching.  So Mosiphine Baker the blog is born!  I’m hoping to drastically improve my food photography skills (see photo below, ugh!) and do some fun baking tutorials. Thanks for stopping by!